Solo on Moto

Solo on Moto is a challenging around the world motorcycle journey that Eli Coory is doing for children with cancer alone, unsponsored and unsupported.

Started from London on the 25 April 2013, Eli has so far covered over 110,000 km passing through hundreds of towns and cities in dozens of European, Middle Eastern, African and American countries. In 2004 Eli circumnavigated the world the first time by air and sea and it was then when he learned that travel for a good cause is his ultimate challenge.

Eli is now preparing for his next trip after completing crossing the American continents in May 2016, from Argentina to Alaska. Eli doesn't receive any support nor assistance and only deiciding his routes at the last minute as Eli is known to do, all on his own and without planning or support.

Traveling around the world by motorcycle is an adventure comes with enourmos risks, difficulties and challenges especially for a solo traveler as Eli is experiencing which he shares with over 100.000 online followers by posting photos, videos and texts as he goes along.

There will be a documentary film and book of the journey that Eli is currently working on while on the move, to help children with cancer by raising awareness and highlighting their suffering. He will use profits from the sale of the film, book and photos to to help children with cancer.

You can follow Eli on: Twitter @soloonmoto, YouTube


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